Steven Gerlich

A Brief history.

Thank you for stopping by. Steven is currently writing in the third person. He hopes that this is a forgivable offense :)

Steven was born in Southern California yet surfing has only managed to make it to his bucket list. At 16, shortly after acing his driving test, he took off to Mexico for an adventure. At 17, in the same spirit, he joined the Army. Life has continued in this fashion until resettling in 2019 back in New York.


Steven’s whims have taken him around the world and back having lived in Korea, Germany, Spain, Mexico and various States here in the US. In these adventures, He has learned to work on vehicles, cook in restaurants, bartend and wander. Until 2001.

In 2001, he committed to elevate his passion for photography to a career by attending Brooks Institute of Photography. Since then he has worked with amazing clients (photographers, too) and taken many years to hone his craft by discovering nuances from iPhone photography to wet plate collodion. His need to understand the process is both, at times, overwhelming and time consuming, but ultimately strengthening his deep love of the art.

Steven has 3 amazing boys and a darling little girl. No dog. He devoted many years as a stay at home dad to raising them while finding ways to stay connected to photography. He has had innumerable adventures with them both with a camera and without. He sincerely hopes that this doesn’t forever put them off of photography :)

To wrap this up, Steven is switching back to first person. Sorry. 

I truly hope you enjoyed looking at my work. As with all photographers, every shot has a story even if not ground breaking. I love what I do and enjoy the people I collaborate with when doing it.

With gratitude,